Do You Own A Commercial Building? 4 Roof Repair Issues You're Likely To Face


Naturally, roofs suffer more damage than other parts of a building. That is because they are exposed to harsh external elements all year round. But on the first sign of a roofing problem, address it quickly. That way, you'll prevent costly damage and loss of the building's energy efficiency. A roofing professional will inspect the rooftop, diagnose the problem and provide a suitable remedy. Learn more about commercial roofing problems you're likely to face and how to address them.

Water Pooling On Your Roof

Commercial flat roofs experience water pooling. Ignoring this issue can cause the roof membrane to degrade, allowing water to seep into the premise. Various things cause water to pool on a roof. That includes the deterioration of the roofing material and torn flashing. 

Damage to the Rain Gutter System

The gutter system on your commercial roof should ensure efficient water flow from the roof to the ground. But the channels fill with leaves, twigs, and granules over time. So when it rains, the water will pool along the channels and spill over. This situation can cause damage to the foundation if not addressed in time. Thus, regular gutter cleaning and timely repairs ensure that the rainwater drainage channels function effectively.

Damage to the Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a critical component of a commercial roof. It's mostly installed around the vent boot and skylights. The flashing role is to prevent water from entering the interior space. If the flashing isn't properly installed or has significant wear and tear, it can cause a leak. Therefore, call your roof repair technician if you notice water leaking from areas near the flashing. They will inspect the roof and make the necessary repairs.

Punctures and Blisters On the Roof

Roof puncture is also common in commercial roofs. While different things can cause punctures on your roof, walking on the roof or being impacted by heavy objects is a common cause. In addition to puncturing, you might also experience blistering on your commercial roof. In this case, water enters the roof deck, and during the hot weather, the trapped moisture will evaporate and cause the roof layer to separate. You should call a professional roofer instantly to prevent further deterioration of the roofing material.

When in excellent condition, a commercial roof will protect your business interior against the effects of the elements. So, when you notice any of the issues highlighted above, seek the help of a roofing repair expert as soon as possible. 

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12 October 2022

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