Reasons Why You May Need A Roofer To Replace The Fascia And Soffits After The Winter


When some people think of the various components that make up their roof, they tend to focus on the shingles, chimneys, gutters, and maybe even the flashing. But not many individuals will have the soffits and fascia immediately cross their minds because these parts are usually highly underrated. But despite being overlooked, the soffit and fascia play a crucial role in protecting your roofing system.

The soffits are designed to close the gaps that lie between the walls of the home and the roof, while the fascia is tasked with creating an impermeable seal and works to provide additional support to the guttering system. Keeping these roles in mind, damages to these components will greatly diminish the lifecycle of your roof. So to avoid new roof installation, check out the following reasons why you may need a roofer to replace the soffits and fascia after the winter months.

The guttering system has sprung multiple leaks

Although your roof's gutters are responsible for making sure that precipitation is directed away from your house, the sheer volume of rain and snow that the gutters have to accommodate during the winter months can overload these structures, which causes them to pull away from the roof. The moment that the guttering system is misaligned, it loses its ability to efficiently direct runoff into the downspout.

Resultantly, the precipitation gets a chance to seep into the fascia, which is located behind the gutters. If this misalignment is not caught early, the fascia board will steadily start to rot during the winter, and this severely comprises their structural integrity. If you notice multiple leaks from the guttering system, you must call a roofer to come to inspect the gutters, as well as the fascia. While the gutters can be realigned, decayed fascia boards will have to be replaced.

There are pests in the roofing structure

As stated earlier, soffits function as a barrier between the roof and the primary structure, and the fascia forms a water-tight seal. While both these roles are critical in keeping moisture from penetrating the roofing supplies, they also work to prevent critters from making their way into the roofing structure. The winter months, in particular, put your home at a high threat of pest infestations since rodents, birds, and even spiders are looking for shelter from the freezing temperatures and foraging for food.

When the soffits and fascia are damaged, they leave room for these pets to breach your roof, so you will notice signs such as droppings around the exterior walls of your home, nests, and so on. Rather than investigate the extent of the infestation on your own, you should hire a roofer who will determine how best to eliminate the pests and replace the damaged fascia and soffits. 


5 January 2022

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