Tips To Help You Update Your Landscaping This Spring


Spring is a time of new growth and warmer temperatures as you get a chance to spend more time outside. After a winter of being indoors and dealing with a pandemic, this season provides you the perfect opportunity to put some effort into updating and improving your yard's landscaping. There are many solutions to spruce up your existing landscaped areas and fight against weed growth and dried-out soil with mulch and ground coverings. Here are some tips to help you with your landscape installation and updating this spring.

Order a Gravel Delivery

Gravel is a good type of landscape material that doesn't break down over time, so it lasts for years. You can also choose the type of gravel you want for your space, which can come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures to give your surface the right appearance. Gravel makes a great covering to control weed growth in your bedding areas and protects the moisture within the soil from the sun's heat when you plant vegetation in the area.

Just be sure you order enough gravel so that you can pour it into a level covering two to three inches in depth. This will make sure the gravel does not thin out in areas to expose the dirt below. Use a garden rake to spread the gravel out over the area into a level feature.

You can purchase gravel by the yard or the ton at most rock and landscape suppliers. However, a better way to order your gravel is to do it through a local landscape company that will deliver it directly to your property. Find a location that is central to your project site and easily accessible by the delivery truck.

Improve Your Mulch Areas

After snow and ice have disappeared from your yard, your mulch from last year may be lacking in depth and thickness to your bedding areas. Because mulch, such as wood chips, is an organic material, it will break down and decompose over time. This is a great benefit to your landscaping soil, but it is going to require that you replenish the mulch periodically. 

Select a decorative mulch that will match well with the existing covering and also enough to give you a thick covering. The thicker your mulch is, the richer and more moisture-protected your soil will be, and it will prevent weed germination in your soil just as gravel will. You can also order a mulch delivery from a local supplier, or for smaller requirements, you can order the mulch by the bag in smaller sizes.

For more information, contact a landscaping material delivery service.


25 February 2021

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