5 Questions to Help Your Business Find the Right Cleaning Schedule


How often should your offices or work site be professionally cleaned? The answer is unique depending on how your company operates. To help you find the right schedule, here are five questions to answer that will affect your timetable. 

1. How Busy Are Sections of the Site? 

Unsurprisingly, busier offices and manufacturing sites generally should be cleaned more often. A very busy office with employees and customers coming and going may need to be cleaned daily to maintain a good appearance. Slower sections might only need to be cleaned weekly. However, busy locations may not be easy to clear out for cleaning, so your cycle might need to be slowed down for logistical reasons. 

2. Can You Reduce Deep Cleaning? 

Light cleaning — dusting, vacuuming, and bathroom cleaning — is relatively easy and inexpensive. Deep cleanses though (such as waxing hardwood floors, and carpet cleaning) take more time and money. Use aggressive light cleaning schedules to help reduce the need for deep cleaning. 

3. What's Your Budget?

Your company budget must be considered. If cleaning services funds are tight, you can create a strategy to make the most of them. You might be able to use bi-weekly light cleaning if you or your staff can pick up a few tasks on a daily basis. Also, consider where you need to spend money; for example, an office with heavy foot traffic might need to target more of their budget toward carpet cleaning rather than dusting services. 

4. Can Everything Be Cleaned at Once?

Certainly, a small office might be able to use weekly cleaning for a few hours to keep things neat. However, a large company property with multiple-use buildings needs a more careful schedule. Unless you can pay for a large cleaning crew, the entire job may not be done in one session. In this case, you might need to schedule different services at different times. 

5. What Cleaning Concerns Do You Have?

Realistically, each company must target its cleaning efforts where they will do the most good. Customer-facing rooms like the reception area may need more attention than employee offices or storage areas. And a potentially dangerous manufacturing site may need to be cleaned more often to prevent accidents. The way you use various spaces must inform how they are prioritized for cleaning. 

As you address each of these questions, the schedule for different cleaning activities will start to become clear. It may be simple and standard, or it may look nothing like your neighbors' schedules. To find that balance, start by meeting with a commercial cleaning service in your area today. 


24 February 2021

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