Tips To Order And Install An Upcoming Aggregate Delivery


When you are planning a gravel project in your yard's landscaping, it is important that you consider the needs of your planned project and also how you want the area to look in appearance. These elements will help you order and arrange delivery of your needed aggregate. Here are some recommendations to help you order and place aggregate to cover your yard's soil to provide traction and dust and mud control for your vehicles.

Order the Right Gravel

You may want to order gravel for one of a variety of paving projects in your yard. Gravel is such a versatile product that you can place it in your yard landscaping and pavements for various purposes. 

One such purpose is as a base foundation for concrete or asphalt pavement. When you order aggregate for a pavement foundation, the gravel needs to provide good drainage to the foundation, so it will need to be able to be compacted together for a solid surface and moisture percolation. Angular gravel that is made of crushed rock is the perfect choice for this type of foundation material, and you can select a recycled concrete that has been crushed into the appropriate sizes or machine crushed stone.

Another use for your gravel would be to install it as a gravel pavement, making up its own surface area to keep down dust and mud. This type of gravel installation will require you to order essentially three different sizes of gravel to form each layer. The bottom layer of gravel is the support to the gravel pavement and should be made up of large aggregate chunks in baseball-size. These form a single layer over the leveled soil, then a medium-sized aggregate can be layered on next. This size of aggregate should be golf ball–sized and should be angular as well so you can compact it into place. The top layer of gravel should be a small size in your preference and can be decorative gravel or merely angular crushed aggregate. 

Talk to your aggregate supplier to help you estimate the needs for your project. They can also help you select the right aggregate for performance and its appearance. 

Keep Your Gravel in Place

After ordering your aggregate, you should plan for landscaping around the gravel installation to keep your aggregate in place. Aggregate can become dislodged and scattered from foot traffic and vehicle movement. But with a good edging or border to your gravel, it will stay in place and protect your landscaping from rock intrusion.

Look to install a concrete curbing or place formed blocks or wood edging materials to block the movement of aggregate into your lawn, for example. It is best to install the edging materials before the gravel is delivered.


7 January 2021

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