Looking To Do An Addition To Add Space To Your Home? Talk With A General Contractor For The Best Option


Growing out of space in a home is something that happens, but if you think you want to consider expanding your home, meet with a general contractor to go over your options. There may be different options for expansion, depending on the structure and layout of your home and the lot.

Outwards or Upwards

The general contractor may give you the option to build outward or upwards. Some of the benefits of going upwards include the following:

  • It can be cheaper because a larger foundation is not needed
  • A second level can often look original to the home
  • It provides better views of the neighborhood or area
  • It may allow you to get the most space

If you are considering going outwards and you want to put an expansion on the back or side, there are benefits to this as well:

  • Allowing more open space and windows for natural light on the main floor
  • Added space to the home
  • Create architectural details and improvements around the home
  • Easy to continue utilities from the main floor

The contractor will have to see what permits can be pulled, what gets you the squarest footage, and what will be the best option for your budget.

A Cohesive Look

Since you are investing the money to make the house bigger, take the time to do exterior changes as well so the house looks original, not like there is an out-of-place addition. This may mean that you have to replace the siding, change some windows on the front, and make other changes, but it's worth the investment.

Setting the Budget

Setting the budget will be one of the biggest parts of the renovation. When considering expenses, make sure you plan for:

  • Contractor fees
  • Permits
  • Materials
  • Utility changes like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC
  • Necessary current structure updates

You can get a couple of quotes from different contractors. Be sure to consider what the increased value will be when this project is completed. If it is not near the cost of the changes, this may not be something worth investing in.

Talk with a general contractor to see what the best option will be to give you the space and design that you want to make the house comfortable while keeping the project affordable. The contractors may have ideas that you did not even think about or consider, and they can help you see what will be the best investment for your home.


9 September 2020

Talking About Bathroom Upgrades

Hi there, my name is Samuel Arnell. When I bought my home, the first thing I noticed was how small the bathroom area looked. After living in that space for several months, it became totally obvious that the bathroom was cramped and awkward to navigate. I enlisted the help of a general contractor to upgrade that bathroom space. I elected to have a jetted tub, separate shower and double sinks placed in the expanded bathroom space. Although I lost a closet in the process, it was completely worth it to have large, luxurious bathroom. I would like to talk about the building process from start to finish on this site. Please visit often to learn more.