Is It Time To Replace Your Vinyl Siding?


Vinyl siding is a popular option among many homeowners and home builders. Not only is this siding material quite durable, but it is also easy to install and comes in a wide range of styles to achieve beautiful curb appeal. If your home has vinyl siding that's seen better days, though, you might be wondering whether it's time for total siding replacement. To help you decide, consider these red flags that it may be time for siding replacement. If any or all of these apply to your home, then it may be time to reach out to some local siding installation contractors for quotes.

It's Constantly Cracking

One of the main reasons people choose vinyl over other types of siding (such as fiber cement) is that it is very flexible and not prone to cracking. However, expansion and contraction can still cause vinyl siding to crack over time, and this is not something you'll want to ignore. Cracks in vinyl siding allow moisture to accumulate behind your siding material, which can result in serious moisture and even dry rot problems down the road.

If there are just a few cracks in your siding, consider replacing the affected boards as needed. If cracks are extensive or continue to appear, though, it may be time for total replacement.

It's Storm-Damaged

Has a recent hail or wind storm caused major damage to your vinyl siding? If so, then check with your home insurance agent; there's a good chance your policy will cover total siding replacement (minus your deductible). Just be sure to carefully document the damage and follow the claims process to ensure prompt processing and payout of your claim.

Your Energy Bills Are Sky-High

If your home always feels drafty, especially around perimeter walls, there's a good chance your current siding and insulation aren't cutting it. Replacing your siding and upgrading your insulation can help your home stay more comfortable all year-round while also cutting down on your heating and cooling costs.

It's Just Old

When properly maintained, you can expect your vinyl siding to last for 20-40 years before needing total replacement. If your siding is showing signs of wear and it's more than a couple decades old, it may be time to replace it. Doing so will also boost the curb appeal of your home, which could make it a worthwhile expense if you plan on selling in the near future.

For more information on siding replacement, talk to a siding contractors in your area.


25 June 2020

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