5 Often-Forgotten Items That Don't Belong In The Septic System But Get There Anyway


You've read all the tips. You never flush your kitty litter, you don't flush medications, and paper products go promptly in the trash. But you may still be putting stuff in the septic system that does not belong. 

Cigarette Butts

Your last drag is done for the day, you drop the cigarette butt in the toilet and watch it swirl away. If you're a smoker, skip tossing butts in the toiler or allowing them to make their way down the drains. There are concerns about butts contaminating the environment, and these concerns would not exist if the ends of cigarettes were actually easily broken down. Too many cigarette butts in a septic tank can cause issues for sure. 

Dryer Lint 

Dryer lint is a fact of life. You'll get a hefty layer every time you dry your clothes. While dryer lint can actually serve quite a few interesting purposes, most people toss it in the trash and some even flush the stuff. Dryer lint can be biodegradable, but it can also create massive clumps of gunk in your septic tank. 

Coffee Grounds 

Your cuppa joe is long gone and all that's left are the grounds in your coffee maker. Most people drop these particles in their garbage disposal without a second thought, but this is not where they should go. If super-heated water doesn't dissolve the grounds, they are not going to break down quickly in your septic system either. In fact, septic system service professionals often find mounds of coffee grounds hanging out in residential tanks. 

Dental Floss 

Pull out a strip and get out the grit just like your dentist (and your mom) tells you. When you're done with the stringy dental stuff, place it in the trash, not the toilet. Dental floss is basically thread coated with wax. Therefore, you can count on the fact that it is not going to do any breaking down anytime soon. The thin threads can get wrapped around stuff in the drainage lines and create a catastrophe in your septic system. 


You pull it out of the drain after a shower, and it just looks gross in the trash can, so you drop the wadded mess into the toilet, flush, and the hair is down there where you don't have to care. But is it really? It actually isn't gone at all; it's floating around in your septic tank where it can just continue to exist, collecting other particles and gunk along the way. If you've ever seen an actual mummy in a museum or watched a graphic crime show, you know that human hair decomposes at a slow rate, which can be problematic in your septic system. 

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11 October 2019

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