Signs You Should Clean The Chimney In Your New Home


You just bought a new house, but you aren't sure if you need to have the chimney that came with the property cleaned or not. You can get the chimney cleaned, and you likely should, but you aren't exactly sure if you have a reason to have this done immediately or if it can wait. Here are signs you should have the chimney in your new home professionally cleaned now rather than later.

You aren't sure when the chimney was last cleaned

Have you ever had your chimney cleaned before? If you are unsure when the last time it was that the previous homeowners cleaned the chimney, then you should get it cleaned out before you use it. This way, you're ready to use the chimney and light healthy fires all winter season long.

You plan on using the fireplace exclusively

Are you planning on using your fireplace as your main type of heat in the home? If so, then you want to get yourself on board with a great chimney specialist who will be able to professionally clean the chimney and make it safe for you. Signs that your chimney needs to have some professional cleaning when you need to use the fireplace as your main source of heat includes:

  • A cracked or tilting chimney smoke stack or flue
  • A fireplace that is full of ashes or debris
  • A chimney cap that is missing or broken

When your fireplace is cleaned, your chimney specialist will check for signs of wear and other issues. These issues will otherwise cause your fireplace to not work as effectively as it could, or they could even cause your fireplace to emit smoke or fire into your home. Since a malfunctioning fireplace can be an issue, you want to make sure you do all you can to make the unit more clean and efficient. You should have your fireplace cleaned every season or as instructed by your chimney specialist.

Your fireplace is emitting smoke or odors

Is your fireplace emitting smoke and strange odors? Is the unit hard to light or is it difficult to keep a fire once it is lit? If this is the case, you should not light any more fires in your chimney until you have your chimney specialist out to clean the flue, fireplace, and chimney cap completely. When you keep your fireplace in great condition, you do your part to keep your home safe and protected -- even with a wood burning unit. Your chimney specialist will work hard to keep your chimney in good working functionality.

Contact a service, like Mercer County Chimney Services, to get started.


29 July 2019

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