Making Room For Baby: Home Renovation Tips To Make Being A Parent Even More Fun


Having a new baby in the house is an exciting time for families. But new babies often come along with piles of gifts and accessories and a long list of furnishings, including cribs, high chairs, portable play yards, and changing tables, just to name a few. This can leave parents to feel their homes are shrinking, even when square footage amounts were always workable in the pre-baby days. Luckily, there are a few easy home renovations that can help parents care for their new offspring more easily without feeling like the walls are closing in. 

Outfit the nursery to be both comfortable and efficient 

Designing a nursery that is comfortable and efficient to use is just as important as making it beautiful. The best nurseries accommodate the needs of both the child and their parents and siblings with comfortable seating for nursing, rocking, and cuddling and safe surfaces for dressing and changing the baby.

If space is an issue, parents may want to opt for a built-in changing table that can be folded down when not in use. Another space saver is to add shelving to the nursery closet and use baskets and bins to hold all their clothing and supplies in one area. 

Remember to choose surfaces that will grow with baby and stand up to frequent cleaning and heavy use, such as environmentally-friendly bamboo flooring and paints that use no harmful chemicals and are not subject to off-gassing. 

Add storage to hidden areas of the home

Another good way to make room for all the things that baby brings with them and quickly outgrows is to renovate the home to add storage solutions to areas that have previously been unused. Some ideas to explore for this purpose include: 

  • if the home's attic can be made accessible through the addition of a staircase, it may be possible to add flooring and insulation to the space to make a large storage area for the home
  • garage attics, both finished and unfinished may be able to be converted to storage by adding safe flooring to the area and a drop down stair case
  • adding narrow, built-in, storage cabinets to wide hallways and along unused walls in living areas can hold folded up high-chairs, portable play yards, and other baby equipment when not is use

For even more great ideas to help renovate your home to make sharing it with your new baby more efficient and enjoyable, contact a reputable home renovation professional in your area such as Alleva Construction, Inc to discuss your needs. They will be able to view your home with you and make suggestions to help maximize each space while ensuring your home remains comfortable for family members.


7 June 2017

Talking About Bathroom Upgrades

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