The 3 Easiest Ways To Cut Down Costs From Your Commercial Air Conditioning System


If you use a commercial air conditioning system to cool off your place of work, and the bill just feels a little too high, here are the 3 easiest ways to cut down on the energy costs that you incur from your commercial air conditioning system.

#1 Get A Regular Check-Up

Commercial air conditioning systems are complex pieces of equipment, more akin to a car than the air conditioning that you put in your window at home. They require the use of multiple parts and systems that all need to be taken care of and working together in order you to get the most effective use out of your system.

That means that you should schedule a regular check-up of your system with a qualified HVAC technician. Getting your commercial air conditioning services on a semi-annual basis is a great way to keep everything running smoothly and head off big repairs through regular maintenance.

#2 Make Sure Your Air Ducts Are Properly Sealed

The second thing you can do is make sure that all of your air ducts throughout your building are properly sealed. All of your ducts should be sealed with a product such as foil tape. They should also be well insulated and wrapped in individual insulation sheets.

The better sealed and insulated your air ducts are, the energy is going to be lost as it travels through your duct system to your building. Commercial air conditioners generally have very large and vast duct work systems, so you are going to want to hire a professional to seal your ducts.

#3 Use Programmable Thermostats

With a commercial air conditioning system, you should not be adjusting the temperature constantly to fit everyone's needs. Instead, you should come to a common conscious on what feels comfortable for everyone, and set that as the set temperature that you keep your building at year-round, whether you are heating it up in the winter or cooling it off in the summer.

Then, install a programmable thermostat that adjust the temperature when your building is not being used to save you some additional money. For example, if your office is closed from six in the evening till six in the morning, you can adjust the temperature during that time. You can even get a thermostat that allows you to program different settings for each day of the week to reflect how you use your business.

The three steps above are some of the easiest and most direct ways you can save money on your commercial HVAC costs. 


31 March 2017

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