These Mistakes Can Give You A Less-Than-Desired Results When Painting Your Workplace


Painting the interior of your workplace yourself is a large project, but if you're up to the task, it's important to do all that you can to end up with favorable results. Many amateur paint jobs are apparent, which can make you unhappy with the look of the interior of your space — and this is unfortunate, given the hours that you've dedicated to the project. Careful planning and the right gear, as well as high-quality paint from your local home supply store, can increase the likelihood that you get the end result you want. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Using Cheap Supplies

When you buy a brush and a roller for the job, it may be tempting to buy the cheapest products available, especially if you're spending a little extra for the paint. Cheap brushes and rollers, however, will often give you a less-than-desired result. Through use, the individual bristles of a cheap paintbrush can fall out, causing them to get stuck in the wet paint and become a permanent part of your wall. Similarly, cheap rollers can deteriorate quickly, resulting in small pieces of fluff stuck to the wet paint. By opting for a mid- or high-range brush and roller, you're less likely to encounter such issues.

Failing To Tape Edges

In an effort to save time, you may attempt to paint the edge of a wall where it meets the trim or a different-colored wall by hand. While you may be able to get a steady result most of the time, this task can be highly difficult for the amateur. It's better to use painter's tape and run it along the edges to give you a straight line. While it's true that the use of painter's tape extends the duration of the painting project, it will also give you a better end result with crisp lines.

Saturating Your Roller Too Heavily

If you're trying to complete the job quickly, you may heavily load up the roller with paint and cover your walls. The concern with doing so, however, is that a heavily saturated roller will drip paint. As you roll the paint on, excess paint will drip off the roller and not only land on the floor, requiring a clean-up job, but also land elsewhere on the wall. Invariably, you'll fail to notice some of the small drips of paint on the wall, which means that they'll harden and leave you with unsightly bumps. Applying the paint more moderately, even if the job takes longer, will give you a better end product. If you're not confident that you can do the job properly, it's best to hire a commercial painter.

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28 March 2017

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