Ideas To Help Give Your Home A Custom Look With Different Paint Finishes


If you want an affordable way to give your home a custom look, then painting is a great option to create different finishes. Faux finishes, murals, and stenciling are all great options to give your home a personalized look with custom paint solutions. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider when you are ready to give your home a fresh coat of paint:

1. Faux Finishes to Give Your Home an Authentic Aged Look

Faux finishes are a great way to give walls textures with an affordable paint finish. Painting a faux finish is done by layering the paint to give it texture. Different tools are used to make the different colors of paint visible. The painting can have textures that make walls appear like stone and other natural or aged materials. If you want the look of stone or brick, faux finishes are the perfect solution to add color and texture to help you achieve this look.

2. Murals to Add Life to Walls and Ceilings with Themes

Murals are another option that you may want for different options of personalized painting project. They are a great way to add a family crest to the front entrance of your home or a design on a custom ceiling. In addition to personalized custom painting, murals are also used for creating themes. Maybe you want to liven up the backslash in the kitchen; a mural that features cooking scenes will help give your kitchen a personal touch. Murals are also great for the kid's room, game rooms, or a home gym.

3. Stenciling and Patterns to Break Solid Paint with Custom Designs

Stenciling is another option to give character and personalization to your custom paint project. If you want, contact a painter to do the solid colors, and you can do the stenciling yourself for a DIY project. You can buy rolls of stencils that are ready to be taped up and painted to create designs on walls. Another option is to make your own stencils to add a personal touch to the wall finishes in different areas of your home. Tip: Use different colors and a variety of stencils to create a variety of different murals and patterns for your custom paint project.

These are some of the painting options that you may want to consider for your home when you want something more than a flat paint job. Contact a general contractor to help with some of these custom paint jobs and other work for your home renovations. 


15 March 2017

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