Five Ways To Add More Storage Space To Your Bathroom


Are you tired of having towels strewn bout your bathroom floor and numerous cosmetics cluttering up the vanity counter? Bathrooms come with a lot of piddly items, and if your bathroom design does not include enough storage space, these items easily end up creating a mess. If you're fully or partially remodeling your bathroom, this is the perfect time to add some more built-in storage. Here are a few storage ideas to use as inspiration.

Cabinets Above the Window

The space above a window often goes to waste. However, there is just enough room up there (in most bathrooms) to put in a short set of little cabinets. Two cabinets with doors that open away from each other look perfect. Use this space to store your extra lotions, extra wash cloths, candles, and other items you don't use every day, since it's hard to reach.

A Cube Storage Unit Above the Toilet

What's on the wall above your toilet? If it's anything other than a cube storage unit or some shelves, you're wasting valuable space. Build a cubby-style unit with 6 or 8 cubes, and mount it to the wall above and behind the toilet. This is the perfect place for toiletry items like face wash, toothpaste, and lotion that you use every day. With these items out in the open, you can grab, use, and put them away effortlessly, meaning you're less likely to leave them strewn about in your bathroom than if they were to be stored in a closed cupboard.

If there are some items you'd like to keep out of sight, you can place these in wicker baskets and slide the wicker baskets into the cube storage unit. Choose baskets with ribbon embellishments that match the colors of your bathroom for a pulled-together look.

Towel Hooks Behind the Door

If you currently hang your towels on bar-style racks, chances are good that at least one member of the family does not take the necessary time to properly drape the towel neatly over the bar. Make life a lot easier for you and your family members by mounting some towel hooks behind the door. It's a lot easier to hang a towel on a hook, rather than a bar, and by placing the hooks behind the door, you ensure they're out of sight when people look into the bathroom.

Shelves Built Into the Shower Enclosure Walls

Instead of leaving shampoo bottles on the floor of your shower or struggling to slide them into baskets that loop over your shower head, build some storage shelving into the inner walls of your shower enclosure. This should be easy to incorporate if you're having your shower enclosure custom designed. There are also many pre-made shower stall models that include extra built-in shelves. The more family members you have, the more shelves you'll want.

"Cool" Cabinets to the Side of Your Vanity Mirror

These days, more and more bathroom products, including many organic lotions and medications, require refrigeration. Running back and forth to the kitchen to get these products can be a hassle, and you may accidentally leave them out in the bathroom, causing them to spoil. Technology offers an easy solution to this problem: the cool cabinet.

Cool cabinets are essentially refrigerated cabinets that you can use to store your temperature-sensitive beauty products. Since they tend to look sleek and elegant, they're perfect for placing to either side of your vanity mirror.

Your bathroom should feel refreshing and relaxing, and that cannot be achieved if your space is cluttered and unorganized. Make storage a priority in your next remodel, and use some of the ideas above to ensure that there truly is a place for everything. For more information, contact a local bathroom remodel company. 


15 June 2015

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